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Below you will find the best online training courses we have chosen for you to mark the new way of thinking for your career or your business.

Six Sigma

Six Sigma applies instruments and techniques with the aim eliminate the defects and process variation. Six Sigma is a training course that help you use data and statistical measurement tools to improve business processes.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the degree of happiness customers obtain while consuming or using your products or services. This training will teach you how to interact with you customers in order to identify the customer dissatisfaction.

Information Security

Information Security online training courses are the great chance to help you understand the importance of information security in you organization.

Environmental and Social Responsibiltiy

Learning how to perform efficient operation with the focus on the positive impact in environment is becoming very important each and every day. This is the focus of this training and you will gain significant benefits of it.

ISO/IEC 27032

Explore how to handle the protection of privacy, integrity, and accessibility of data in Cyberspace according to most known standard of
ISO/IEC 27032

Risk Management

In this course you will learn how to deal with everyday business risk, measures taken to avoid and control the it according to best practices.

Business Resilience, Continuity and Recovery

Business Resilience, Continuity and Recovery are very important to be understand and implement correctly as these are crucial for successful business.

Quality Management

The products and services given through the Quality Management System are in line with the customer expectation. This training will help you understand the QMS within the organization and the steps to implement or audit the QMS.

GDPR and Privacy Information

General Data Protection Regulation and Privacy Information are becoming very important when it comes to processing personal information in EU and not only. Different regulators are advancing the level of data protection, and these training will help you comply with all these regulation.

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